Times Square EDITION

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5 star hotel in New York City
20 Times Square, 701 7th Avenue at West 47th Street, New York, 10036, United States of America

Q&A about Times Square EDITION Amenities

  • Does the hotel have internet free of charge?

    Yes. It's free.

  • Are there opportunities to exercise at the hotel?

    Yes, guests have access to the gym during their stay.

  • Does the hotel offer non-smoking rooms?

    Yes. There are smoke-free rooms.

  • Is there air conditioning in the room?

    Yes. There are rooms equipped with air conditioning.

  • Is breakfast available at the hotel?

    The hotel has breakfast available.

  • Is it possible have dinner at the hotel?

    They do have a restaurant.

  • Is there a front desk in the hotel?

    The hotel has a front desk.

  • Are pets allowed in the hotel?

    This is a pet-friendly hotel.

  • Does the hotel offer laundry service?

    Yes. There is room laundry service.

  • Does the hotel have a bar?

    The hotel has a bar.

  • Does the hotel offer rooms for family?

    They do have rooms for family.

  • Is there any elevator for hotel guests?

    The hotel has elevators.

  • Does the hotel offer daily housekeeping?

    Yes. The housekeeping team cleans the rooms on daily basis.

New York City Weather Forecast

  • Thur
    85°F / 68°F
  • Fri
    88°F / 71°F
  • Sat
    85°F / 70°F
  • Sun
    84°F / 71°F
  • Mon
    81°F / 71°F
  • Tues
    83°F / 71°F

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